How to use Packy to Pack and Unpack Archives


So, what is Packy?

If you have to manage a large number of heavy files in your day to day life, then you know how difficult it can be. Not only do you have to organize them based on space availability, but you also have to spend a lot of time uploading them to the Internet when you want to send them over. To save time, you should begin using a packing software that will keep your files compressed and ready for use at all times.

Pack or Unpack Files

Packy is one such software. Designed to help you archive and unarchive your files efficiently, it is very easy to use. You will be able to get your work done with a few clicks. Packy lets you move all your large files into a compressed folder that has a smaller size than the sum total of the individual sizes of the files.

The developers behind the software wanted to create a software that would be fast and safe at the time. They have succeeded to that end because Packy gives a better performance than most other existing solutions. Loaded with advanced encryption technologies, it will keep all your data safe. What makes the software unique is that it allows you to secure and compress your data at the same time. It saves you both time and effort. The simplicity of the software makes it accessible even to people who do not have a lot of experience with technology.

Who needs Packy?

Anybody who handles tons of information and data needs Packy in their life. The software makes packing and unpacking files very convenient, which means that your work will become much easier. In fact, Packy is also a great asset for someone who will not use it professionally. We have all had to compress files and transfer them occasionally, and Packy is the best software for that. It provides an added layer of security that other packing software’s do not.

Moreover, Packy is compatible with both Windows OS and iOS which automatically widens its consumer base. It is a versatile software, and the cross-platform feature does not have any negative effect on its speed and efficiency.

The company’s objective is to make Packy ‘a household name,’ and they are definitely on the right path.

Reliability and speed:

Unpack with Packy

Equipped with the most cutting-edge encryption technologies in the market, Packy can tackle all kinds of folders and files. You will not have to worry about selecting the files that you will be able to pack with the software because there is no exception. This reliability makes it a valuable addition for any computer user. Moreover, Packy offers lightning-fast extraction speed unlike most of its competitors. It manages to speed up the packing and unpacking process because of its proprietary algorithm. Packy will be able to detect all the files with the extension ‘.packy’, and then extract them within a few minutes.

Packy definitely has a lot of potential, and users have been impressed so far. It has received mostly positive reviews from its customer base.

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