Restoring Amazon Echo Dot to Default Settings


The Amazon Echo Dot is a smart speaker that’s affordable to most people. This smart speaker helps a lot of people access numerous Alexa based services via the device while simultaneously creating smart homes. If you are planning on selling your Echo Dot or you are considering buying an old one, it is advisable to reset it to its default settings. This is important to remove all your personal information and to avoid accessing the seller’s personal information. If you have never restored an Amazon Echo Dot to its default settings, follow these steps:

Echo Dot Factory Reset
You may be able to reset it but ‘they’ will still be listening

Reset your Amazon Echo

  1. On the surface of the Amazon Echo Dot speaker, locate the Volume Down and the Microphone Off buttons. The Volume Down button has a minus sign while the Microphone Off button has an image of a speaker crossed by a line.
  2. After you’ve located the two buttons, hold them down together simultaneously (hold the two buttons down at the same time) for about 8 seconds. Release the two buttons when the light ring around the Echo Dot turns orange.
  3. After removing your fingers from the buttons, the light ring will turn off for some time but after a few seconds, it will turn blue. The light ring will remain blue for about 7 seconds before it turns off again for a few seconds. For the third time, the blue light will appear and stay on for about 45 seconds before an orange light will start making its way around the light ring.

You should understand that for the three times that the light ring turned off and changed its color, the Echo Dot was resetting to default settings. After the restoration process is complete, you will hear Alexa’s voice via the speaker informing you that your device is ready for set up. You have just restored your Amazon Echo Dot to default settings!

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