Unlock iCloud Lock in 2020 using Network Scanner

Its June 2020 and we’ve just figured out yet another way to unlock iCloud Activation Lock from any iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch using a new trick that does not involve unlocking software or a service. In today’s article we are going over how you can utilize a freeware network scanner called NetScan X and use it to fetch the data that your device sends to Apple during the setup and use it to unlock your device. This works with the latest iPhones including the iPhone 11 and 11 Pro as well as older devices from the 5S to the iPhone 8 X, XS and XR. If you are looking to do a DIY iCloud Unlock then stay tuned.

How does this iCloud Unlock work?

When you connect your iCloud Locked device to your network the device (in this example we will use an iPhone 8 but this works with any iPhone, iPad, iPod or Apple Watch) will send hidden requests from your network to Apple. Using a special network scanning software you are able to intercept those requests and look at them. It just so happens that your iPhone is sending the credentials to Apple to check if the device is locked and their server replies with the correct username and password that is required to unlock your device. Now some experts have found that this data can be fetched and examined and that there is no way for iOS to patch this meaning this Activation Lock Removal works on any iOS and will never be patchable thats some great news is it? Here’s a visualization of what happens:

Now using a network scanner that you can install on your Windows PC, Mac computer, Android device or Apple device you are able to install an Analyzing software that can inspect whats going on in your network and therefor on your Wifi router. Using this software you are able intercept the Apple ID and Password of your device and use it to unlock it.

(Please note you are only allowed to do this with your own device and apple account and we do not condone the unlocking of stolen property.)

This is the Network scanner can view all activity on your network

Now using this Software (that you can download for free btw – I will show you how in a bit) you are able to select the device in question, an iPhone 8 in this case, and intercept the response from the Apple server leaving you with the credentials to unlock the device

iCloud Activation Lock Removal Tutorial

First take your iCloud Locked device and connect it to the same network as the computer or phone that NetScan X is running on. You can be either connected to the same WiFi or have a ethernet connection to the same network the iPhone is connected to.

With NetScan X open and your device connected select the device as shown as 1. and then click ‘Analyze by segment’ and a new window appears

Simply enter the value you want to search for. Enter activation.apple.com into the ‘Host URL’ box and use the following values in the first box depending on your device:

  • Any iPhone 12: 2295×05
  • iPhone 11 Pro: 0047×49
  • iPhone 11: 0047×48
  • iPhone X, XR and XS: 0046×25
  • iPhone 8: 0042×22
  • iPhone iPhone 5, 5C, 5S, 6, 6S and 7: 0040×02
  • iPhone SE (new and old): 0429×29
  • Apple Watch Original: 0092×09
  • Apple Watch Series 1,2,3: 0094×04
  • Apple Watch Series 4,5: 0098×01
  • Any iPad running iPad OS: 0020×21
  • Any iPod Touch: 0004×01
Allow a few minutes to pass while NetScan X searches your network

Once NetScan X is done looking up the inserted value on your network it wills pit out the raw information it found. You can find your email next to 0x00432fff and the password next to 0047×48.

(Please note you are only allowed to do this with your own device and apple account and we do not condone the unlocking of stolen property.)

You can now Unlock your device!

Thats it! You can now use those credentials to unlock the device in question. Please note that this is an extremely powerful tool that uses a technique that cannot be patched so only use it on your personal devices as it would be illegal to use this to unlock stolen property.

Thanks for reading! I hope you guys could learn something new today

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