Apple Watch Screen Repair: Before You Pay, Read this!

The way we engage with technology has changed dramatically as a result of the success of the Apple Watch. The Apple Watch’s screen is one of its most important parts since it enables users to navigate the gadget, access various functions and functionalities, and maintain a connection to the online world. The Apple Watch screen, however, is prone to damage, and over time it might need to be repaired or replaced, just like any other gadget. Depending on the model and the extent of the damage, the price of an Apple Watch screen repair may be substantial, which may be a major concern for many Apple Watch users. In this post, we will look at various strategies for potentially saving money on Apple Watch screen repairs so you can maintain the functionality of your gadget without going over budget.

Apple Watch Screen Repair Options

Accidents do happen, and occasionally they leave the Apple Watch screen cracked or otherwise damaged. You have a few choices for getting your Apple Watch fixed if this happens to you. Official Apple repair services are available; they can be pricey but include a warranty. Additionally, there are third-party repair options, which may be less expensive but carry some risk. It is critical to consider the advantages and disadvantages of each choice before selecting the best one for you.

Official Apple Repair

Official Apple Repair

If you inadvertently cracked the screen of your Apple Watch, you might be considering your repair choices. The official Apple repair procedure is one choice. The price of an authorized Apple Watch screen repair and the warranty coverage you can anticipate from an authorized repair are covered in this response.

The model of your Apple Watch and the kind of damage it has received will determine the price of an authorized screen repair. A genuine Apple Watch screen repair will cost between $199 and $399 as of 2021. The prices for each model are broken down as follows:

  • Apple Watch Series 1: $199
  • Apple Watch Series 2: $249
  • Apple Watch Series 3: $229 (GPS) or $269 (cellular)
  • Apple Watch Series 4: $299 (40mm) or $329 (44mm)
  • Apple Watch Series 5: $299 (40mm) or $329 (44mm)
  • Apple Watch Series 6: $299 (40mm) or $329 (44mm)
  • Apple Watch SE: $269 (40mm) or $299 (44mm)

It is important to note that you might have to pay more if your Apple Watch has further damage, including a cracked shell or a bulging battery. Before starting the repair, Apple will give you a quote so you can decide whether to move further.

You might be able to get the repair done for nothing if your Apple Watch is still covered under warranty. But, how much damage your Apple Watch has received will determine how to proceed. What you need to know is as follows:

  • If your Apple Watch is still covered by warranty and the damage was caused by a manufacturing flaw, the repair is free.
  • The repair will not be covered by the warranty if the damage was caused by overuse or unintentional damage.
    You can check the status of your Apple Watch’s warranty on Apple’s website if you are unsure of its status.

You can get up to two occurrences of unintentional damage coverage if you have AppleCare+ for your Apple Watch, which is also important to note. This means that if you accidently damage your Apple Watch, you may get it fixed for less money than it would cost to have it fixed outside of warranty. Under AppleCare+, an unintentional damage repair costs $69.

Third-Party Repair Services

Third-Party Repair Services

Although the Apple Watch is a well-liked and useful gadget, mishaps can occur and cause screen damage or cracks. Many people may be concerned about the cost of the screen’s repair or replacement if this occurs. One choice is to use independent repair services, which are frequently less expensive than Apple’s own repair services. Before going this route, there are a few crucial aspects to think about.

Compared to the price of going via Apple, third-party repair businesses can provide a more inexpensive choice for repairing an Apple Watch screen. The cost of third-party screen repair can vary depending on the exact provider and location, but is often between $100 and $150. The price of an official Apple repair, which can cost anywhere from $199 to $399 depending on the model and type of repair required, is considerably lower than this.

Warranty coverage for third-party repairs: Accidental damage is not covered by Apple Watch warranties, thus if the screen is damaged as a result of an accident, the warranty will not pay for repairs. The device’s warranty may also be voided by any unauthorized repairs, including those conducted by third parties, according to Apple. Thus, it is advised to think about having the gadget fixed by Apple or an approved repair facility if it is still covered by warranty.

Potential Risks and Downsides of Third-Party Repairs

Downsides of Third-Party Repairs

Although third-party repair services may be less expensive, there are certain potential hazards and drawbacks to take into account. They consist of:

  1. Lower quality parts and repairs: Compared to authorized Apple repair services, third-party repair businesses may employ poorer quality parts and possess less knowledge. As a result, the repair may be of poorer quality and may not function as well or last as long.
  2. Security risks: Employing unlicensed repair services can put your device at risk for security breaches since it could be opened and handled by someone who have access to sensitive data.
  3. Potential harm to other parts: Repair personnel who are inexperienced or untrained could unintentionally harm other parts of the device while working to fix the screen. This can lead to more expensive repairs or a device that is totally broken.
  4. Warranty voidance: As previously indicated, receiving an unapproved repair may render the device’s warranty null and void, making it possible that the manufacturer will not be responsible for any subsequent problems with the equipment.
  5. Time and convenience: Other repair services might not be as convenient as those provided by Apple. Longer repair timeframes, a lack of available appointment times, or the requirement to ship the equipment in might all be examples of this.

DIY Apple Watch Screen Repair

DIY Apple Watch Screen Repair

Getting an Apple Watch with a cracked or damaged screen mended can be difficult. You may need to spend a sizable sum of money in addition to having to take it to a repair facility or ship it out for repair. DIY Apple Watch screen repair, however, may be a more affordable and effective option.

Cost Savings

The ability to save money is one of the biggest benefits of DIY Apple Watch screen repair. Self-repairing the Apple Watch screen can be much less expensive than having a professional repair facility do it. The price of parts and labor can quickly mount up at many repair shops, and they frequently charge a premium for their services. In comparison, it may be significantly less expensive to buy the supplies and equipment needed to fix the screen on your own. You will not have to pay for labor, therefore even if you still have to pay for the parts, you will save money.

Ability to Control the Repair Process

Controlling the repair procedure is yet another benefit of DIY Apple Watch screen repair. You have no control over the repair procedure when you bring your Apple Watch to a qualified repair facility. Because you are depending on the repairman’s knowledge and skills, you could find it difficult to express your needs clearly. You have total control over the procedure when you fix the screen yourself, though. You can carefully fix the screen as carefully as necessary and to your exact specifications by taking as much time as is necessary.

Apple Watch screen repairs performed on your own can be educational. Although though it could seem frightening to replace the screen on your own, it can be a terrific chance to learn more about how your Apple Watch functions. You can learn more about the internal workings of the device, which can be helpful if you need to do maintenance or troubleshoot problems in the future. A sense of success and satisfaction that you would not experience from taking the screen to a professional repair shop might also come from fixing the screen yourself.

Risks and Challenges of DIY Repair

Risks of DIY Repair

Those who have an Apple Watch screen that needs to be repaired may think that doing it themselves will save money. Nevertheless, attempting to fix an Apple Watch screen on your own comes with a number of hazards and difficulties.

Difficulty Level of Repair: An Apple Watch screen repair is a difficult process that calls for accuracy and technological knowledge. Depending on the model, Apple Watch screens can be constructed of ceramic, sapphire crystal, or Ion-X glass. In order to remove and replace a cracked or broken screen, you will need specialized equipment and an understanding of the watch’s internal mechanisms. The procedure of repairing an Apple Watch screen can be challenging and needs a steady hand and a lot of patience, even with the correct equipment and instructions.

Risk of Damaging the Watch Further: One of the major dangers of performing an Apple Watch screen repair on your own is doing more harm than good to the gadget. The watch’s internal parts are sensitive, so even a minor error during repair could result in additional harm to the battery, display, or other components. For instance, using too much force to remove the cracked watch screen could break the watch case or harm the digital crown. The watch may become fully inoperable and repair prices may increase if the internal parts of the watch are harmed during the repair process.

Voiding the Warranty: A limited warranty that covers manufacturing flaws and other problems that could occur in typical use is included with Apple Watch devices. By attempting to fix an Apple Watch on your own, you risk nullifying the warranty and becoming liable for any further repairs or replacement fees. With Apple’s warranty, it is clearly stated that illegal modifications or repairs would not be covered in the event of damage. If something goes wrong when you are attempting to fix the watch yourself, Apple might not be able to fix it or replace it, leaving you with a defective gadget.

Tips for Saving Money on Apple Watch Screen Repair

Reduce the Cost of Apple Watch Screen Repair

With the help of the well-liked Apple Watch, customers can monitor their fitness, get alerts, and access a variety of other services. Sadly, mishaps sometimes occur, and your Apple Watch’s screen may crack or break. This can be expensive to fix. Here are some suggestions to bear in mind if you want to reduce the cost of Apple Watch screen repair:

Consider AppleCare+ for your Apple Watch

Purchasing AppleCare+ is one of the best methods to reduce the cost of Apple Watch screen repairs. For up to two years, this extended warranty will cover accidental damage, including screen damage. The price of AppleCare+ varies based on the type of your Apple Watch, but if your screen does become broken, it might end up saving you a lot of money.

You can obtain a screen repair or replacement for your Apple Watch for less money when you purchase AppleCare+ than if you didn’t. You will also feel more secure knowing that your device is protected in case of problems.

Look for Deals and Discounts on Apple Watch Repair Services

There are still methods to save money on Apple Watch screen repairs even if you do not have AppleCare+ or if your coverage has expired. Searching for offers and savings on repair services is one choice.

For less money than Apple’s official repair service, many independent repair shops fix Apple Watch screens. You may look up reviews and referrals for trustworthy repair businesses in your neighborhood online. Ask about any promotions that might be offered because certain repair providers might give discounts for referrals or first-time clients.

You should conduct research before selecting a service to repair your Apple Watch because not all repair services are created equal. Search for repair companies that provide a warranty on their work and only use genuine Apple parts.

Consider Trading in your Old Apple Watch for a Newer Model

Exchange Apple Watch for a Newer Model

You might want to think about exchanging your Apple Watch for a newer model if it is several years old and the cost of replacing the screen is expensive. You can trade in your old Apple Watch for credit toward a new one through the trade-in program that Apple offers.

Your previous Apple Watch will have a trade-in value based on its condition, but even a tiny credit can help defray the price of a new gadget. Also, switching to a new model will provide you access to the newest features and technologies, which might turn out to be a long-term investment.

In a Nutshell

Even though fixing a cracked Apple Watch screen may seem difficult, with the appropriate advice and tools, it may actually be a rather straightforward procedure. While looking for Apple Watch screen repair, there are a few important factors to bear in mind. These include deciding whether to go with official or unofficial repairs, being aware of the price and warranty implications, and weighing the advantages and disadvantages of DIY repairs.

The best course of action will ultimately rely on your unique situation and preferences. It can be a cost-efficient and satisfying option if you are confident performing DIY repairs and have the required knowledge and equipment. Nonetheless, it is always a good idea to go for a professional repair service if you are doubtful or do not feel confidence in your skills.

We encourage readers to share their own experiences and tips for Apple Watch screen repair in the comments section. We would be interested to learn about any successful (or unsuccessful) repairs you have made. Your knowledge and suggestions may be extremely helpful to others who are going through the same procedure. We appreciate you reading and wish you luck as you embark on your Apple Watch screen repair journey!

People Also Asked

Our users have frequently asked us about how much it will cost to repair numerous gadgets, including the Apple Watch. Some of the specific questions our readers have asked us about Apple Watch screen repair costs include:

Is it cheaper to replace an Apple Watch screen or to buy a new one?

In most cases, replacing an Apple Watch screen is less expensive than purchasing a new one, especially if the watch itself is still in good condition. The price of a new Apple Watch screen varies depending on the model but typically costs between $129 and $399.

Does Apple offer any discounts or promotions for Apple Watch screen repair?

Depending on the circumstances, Apple may provide discounts or promotions for Apple Watch screen repairs. For instance, the repair may be free of charge or paid at a discounted cost if the watch is still covered by the warranty or AppleCare+. Furthermore, Apple occasionally runs specials or trade-in offers that can help defray the cost of repairs.

How long does it take to repair an Apple Watch screen?

Depending on the model and the extent of the damage, repairing an Apple Watch screen can take a variety of times. The repair may take several days in some instances, while it may only take a few hours in others. When you make an appointment with Apple, they normally give you an anticipated repair time. You can also check the status of the repair online or through the Apple Support app.

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