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iPhone speaker not working

iPhone speakers stopped working? – Tips to fix it!

iPhone speakers stopped working? Most iPhone users will be faced with the challenge where the iphone speakers stopped working. It’s an embarrassment when a user cannot make calls with the speaker phone. When making calls, you cannot hear the other person on the other end. Due to you not hearing anything, the action may trigger the caller to hang up. You will also hear nothing when you try listening to voicemail messages. Any of your iPhone speakers stopped working? Signs that an iPhone Speaker is not working Some signs that may make you know that your iPhone has an issue include not hearing the videos and music via the speaker. The notification tone that we usually hear as new text messages and emails arrive suddenly disappears. Most users are in love with the sound, and they are disappointed when it vanishes. The speaker is commonly used by our phones though it possesses several microphones. The speaker is useful when making calls, when on Siri, listening to videos and music, for notifications, and other numerous applications that use the phone’s speaker. Another sign that you may notice that your speaker is not working is typically cracking, generally poor and static sound quality that the iPhone generates. The sound is unpleasant and abnormal. Therefore, it is essential to know how to fix the issue if the speaker stops working. You should start with diagnosing the software. On most occasions, the iPhone’s speaker stops working due to a human error or software problem.

iPhone not charging

How to fix an iPhone that is not Charging/ Lightning Port Problems?

Has your iPhone stopped charging all over a sudden? Do you have lightning connector issues? Let’s fix them now! If yes, be sure that you are not alone. I also experienced the same thing with my adorable iPhone. To me, this was not just an ordinary challenge; it was a crisis that needed an immediate action!I am one of those iFolks who are ever on iDevice, and wherever I go, my iPhone and iPad has to go as well. I place them in my pockets, handbags and my hands and they give me one heck of a workout you know! How to fix lightning connector issues? Walking with your iDevice all the time, everywhere at times comes at a price because their chances of falling become imminent while they may also start showing signs of tear and wear. At Apple Toolbox, the most frequent issues iFolks report on are problems with their iDevices and to be more specific, the problems of iPhone not charging through the lightning port. My Story If your iPhone, iPad, or any other iDevice has abruptly stopped charging using your lighting capable, you are not the only one facing the crisis. I experienced the same issue when I accompanied my girlfriend, my iPhone and bunch of friends to her friend’s birthday party. What I could not realize was that some crazy activities at the party extended an olive branch to my iPhone’s lightning port and interfered with it. When I eventual got to charge my phone,

iPad - iPhone Unable to sync Notes to iCloud p

How to fix iPhone and iPad Failure to Sync Notes to iCloud

  Sync notes iPhone to iPad  – Most iPhone users have indicated that they were at one point unable to sync notes from an iPhone to an iPad. The issue occurred even after turning the iCloud settings ON. Some users noted that the Apple’s sync process caused them to have duplicate notes. How to fix iPhone and iPad Failure to Sync Notes to iCloud – sync notes iphone to ipad ICloud can be fussy at times especially when a user wants to sync the notes. It is sometimes essential to try troubleshooting the problem by yourself. There are numerous things that an iPhone user can attempt to fix the failure of notes syncing appropriately across your iDevices. One of the primary solutions is to ensure that your notes are not being stored locally. Go to settings, on my iPhone account notes. Turning the button ON makes notes to be stored on your device locally. Turn it OFF if you want to store on iCloud. If it’s ON, your notes on iCloud will also not save on your iPhone. Toggle OFF this setting feature to ensure smooth syncing. How to fix iPhone and iPad Failure to Sync Notes to iCloud – sync notes ipad iphone Another essential feature is to ensure you are logged into the iCloud on every Apple Device. Some of your devices may not be signed into iCloud and therefore confirm that all devices are signed into the iCloud account. Signing all devices into iCloud should allow syncing

iPhone Back Camera is not working

iPhone Back Camera is not working? Fix it now!

Problem with iphone camera? Sometimes a person wants to take the most memorable pictures as he or she might be viewing a beautiful sunset. Problem with iPhone camera? Fix it now! They open up their camera on the iPhone 6s and the camera refuses to work at all.There could be two possible reasons due to which the Apple iPhone 6s back camera might not be working: One is the software glitch There might be an issue with the hardware There is also a possibility of seeing white lines or the camera might stop functioning at all. If the issue in the camera is because of the software glitch, for example, the camera has been working for all other applications except the main camera application then it is likely to be an issue with the software. However, if it has not been working for all the applications, then it is time to take it to the Apple store and get it fixed. For the software glitch these steps can be of help for some individuals: Problem with iPhone camera: Possible Solutions: Quit all the extra applications by swiping up after pressing the home button. Switch off the iPhone by switching the power button and sliding the power off option towards the right and wait before reopening the phone for at least 10 seconds. Switch on the iPhone again and unlock the phone to check the camera application whether it has started working or not. These solutions are most suitable when the

iphone-ipad Camera not working

iPhone / iPad: Camera not working

iPad/ iPhone camera won’t work? The latest iPhone and iPod touch models come with dual cameras one on the back and the other one facing the user. iPhone camera won’t work? Fix it now! Many readers who have the latest iOS are experiencing problems with the devices camera app. The common issues that many of the two latest devices are complaining of are as follows; The camera app often crash while taking photos Sometimes the camera app is unable to open giving the device users a hard time in enjoying taking pictures of great moments. In some cases, the users complain that the camera app is unable to switch cameras from back to front or vice versa. The app in some cases displays black screen which is very disappointing especially one is set to take a selfie with friends. iPhone/ iPad camera screen: How to identify the real problem? The best way to get a solution to your iPhone or iPod camera first make sure you recognize the real problem to know whether is the camera with an issue or the camera app. Identify the time when the camera problem occurs, test the cameras using other applications if it works then now start looking for a solution for the camera app. What to do when your iPhone or iPad camera is not working? In many cases when the cameras are not working might be a software problem and here are the tips on how to make your cameras work again;

iPhone volume buttons not working

iPhone volume buttons not working? How to fix

The volume button on my iPhone is not working, what should I do? The side button of the iPhone might stop working which can be because of many reasons, for example, it can be a hardware issue, these buttons might be stuck, and many more. These tips can assist in solving the issue for some people : The volume button on my iPhone is not working? What should I do? The buttons can be cleaned by the vacuum nozzle, if the buttons are stuck then pressing the volume button upward and downward can assist in solving the issue, or DFU restore can also be done. Restart: The iPhone can be restart by pressing and holding the sleep or wake button. Update: The other option is to update the iOS software on the the volume button on my iphone is not working . Reset: The iPhone can also be reset by pressing and holding the wake button simultaneously with the Home button until the appearance of the Apple logo. iPhone sound button not working Assistive Touch: This particular option can let the user use volume control through the touchscreen. Conclusion There is also the option of volume adjustment in the Settings for the sound. If it is adjustable then the chances are an issue with the main hardware which needs to be fixed by the Apple Store if the user is having a warranty.

iPhone-iPad Wi-Fi Hotspot not working

iPhone / iPad: Wi-Fi Hotspot not working

iPhone / iPad: Wi-Fi Hotspot not working? Wifi Hotspot might sometimes stop working for some people using the iPhone or an iPad. These steps could be of help in order to resolve this particular issue: iPhone / iPad: Wi-Fi Hotspot not working? Fix it now! The Personal Hotspot has to be switched off however, the Wifi should be on, then again Personal Hotspot has to be switched on. From the Settings, the Wifi can be toggled off and on. Similarly, the Cellular option can be toggled off and on again but in order to switch it on few seconds, the wait would be appropriate. The wireless carried companies sometimes have limited the number of devices which can be connected to the Hotspot. It is important to check it with the company as well. Also, the password for the Wifi has to be correct in order to get the connectivity. Go to “Settings”, find “General”, Select “Reset” and then finally select “Reset Network Settings” Conclusion These particular steps might assist in resolving the issue of the user.

Apple Music not working

Apple Music not working? Fix it now!

iTunes music not working ? Many people are fans of the Apple Music service. When this service is not working it will mess up our day. There are some tips on how to fix Apple Music for the iPhone and the iPad. Apple Music problems are often reported after the iOs system is updated. The users are not able to play their music. If this has happened to you there are some tips to get you Apple Music working again. iTunes music not working? Fix it now! There are some troubleshooting tips. Try performing a step at a time instead of them all at once. If you are traveling this can be one reason why your Apple Music is not working. Make sure that service is available in your area. Visit this page to find out where services are available. How to troubleshoot Apple Music for your Apple device. Forced Restart Music on iPhone not working: How to force restart your iPhone? One the iPhone 6S or older models press the home and the power button at the same time. The Apple logo will appear. For iPhone 7 or 7Plus: hold the side and the volume down button for 10 seconds and the Apple logo will appear. For iPhone X, 8 or 8 Plus: press and release the volume up button. Press the volume down button quickly. Hold the side button down until the Apple logo appears. If this works restore the iTunes backup settings. The Next Step: If restarting

GPS not working on iPhone-iPad

GPS not working on iPhone/iPad? How to fix

iPhone / iPad no GPS signal? Users have been reporting issues with this GPS system. They have stated that the system has not been working or was giving them incorrect information. iPhone / iPad no GPS signal? Fix it now! A common problem is that the navigation apps are not working and they cannot receive the GPS signal. Try the steps below or possible solutions. Fix the GPS signal iphone issues! Change the date and time to set automatically. To do this go to settings then general then date and time. Make sure your device is connected to wifi. This will help with accuracy. To change the Toggle 3G setting go to setting then general then network then enable 3G. Turn the toggle to off and open the maps app. Find yourself by clicking settings then general then network then turn 3G back on. Turn the wifi of. Try to reset the network. Go to settings then general then reset then click on reset network settings. Restart your device after this. Conclusion If you are still having issues make sure you have the latest version of the maps app. Keep in mind GPS is not available on the original version of the iPad or the iPhone.

Bluetooth Not Working on iPhone

Bluetooth Not Working on iPhone? Fix it now!

Why is my bluetooth not working on my iPhone? The Bluetooth technology of the iPhone is distinct from all the other devices which have been launched in past, the Bluetooth of an iPhone device connects only with another iPhone device. Why is my Bluetooth not working on my iPhone 5? Why is my Bluetooth not working on my iPhone 5 ? The Bluetooth options play a vital role in the data transfer but sometimes, it might stop working and especially for the iPhone 5 users. In such a circumstance, these steps can be of help: Fix iPhone5 Bluetooth Switch on the iPhone, go to “Settings”, find “General”, find “Bluetooth, select “Shown to all” in order to make the phone visible to other devices, “Restart” the mobile and then try to use the Bluetooth option once again. OR Switch on the iPhone, go to “Settings”, find “General”, find “Bluetooth” and switch it “ON”, the device which needs to be connected to the Bluetooth of the iPhone has to be selected after tapping on the devices after turning the Bluetooth option on. From the “General Settings” option, the Bluetooth settings can be searched and finally can be reset. It is also possible to reset the iPhone settings if nothing seems useful. There is also a possibility that there might be an issue with the Bluetooth of the device so it has to be fixed. Conclusion The problem can become a lot easier with the warranty as Apple store can assist in fixing