How to fix a broken headphone jack


Did it ever happen to you that on a day when you need your phone most it just suddenly stops working? Well if you ever had your iPhone Headphone Jack not working properly then we can help you out with our professional guide written by our iPhone technician who has been repairing phones for over 9 years. Just follow the steps below and you’ll be back enjoying crisp audio in no time.

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Although the headphone jack is disappearing, many people use it still

To fix your broken headphone jack read this guide and follow each step to make sure to counter your specific issue.
This guide works the same with all iPhones including iPhone 4, 4S, 5, 5C, 5S, 6 and 6 Plus. However if you have an iPhone 5 you can read the specialized guide on how to fix iphone 5 headphone error here

Clean your headphone jack

The most common issues like “iPhone Headphone Jack Noise and Static” or “iPhone No Headphone Audio” are related to dust that is clogged up in the audio jack. What you can do is to take a needle or other small pin and try to get the dust out of your audio jack. You will be shocked how much dust is stuck in your iPhone headphone jack once you take the effort to look inside and clean it up. Now plug your iPhone Headphones back in, if you still hear static or have issues with your audio repeat the process 2 more times and if that doesn’t help try the next step.

Turn Silent Mode switch off

If this didn’t help you fix your iPhone Headphone jack then you have to check if your Silent Mode switch (also known as mute mode) is turned on. If it’s turned on make sure it’s turned off (orange color should not be visible) and see if your Headphone Jack works again. If your Silent mode Switch is stuck try grabbing a toothpick or similar object and push it back up so your device signals you that the Silent Mode is turned off.

Turn Bluetooth off

If you are connected to a Bluetooth handset its most likely the audio will be routed through your Bluetooth device rather than your  iPhone Headphones. To check if this is the case follow these steps:

I. Choose ‘Settings’ on your iPhone Homescreen
II. Go to ‘Bluetooth’ (3rd item in the list)
III. Tap on the on/off toggle (green) and turn it off
IV. Check if your iPhone headphones work again

Hard restart your iPhone

Sometimes a simple error in the Software can cause the weirdest issues with your iPhone and so can it cause your iPhone Headphone Jack to stop working. To Hard Restart your iPhone press the Power Button and the Home Button until the Screen turns Black and the iPhone restarts.

Consult an Apple Store employee or professional

If none of the steps above worked for you then your headphone jack is probably either very dirty and it should be cleaned professionally or it is broken beyond repair, in which case it would need to be replaced. If you want to replace the headphone jack you can go to an Apple Store and let them do it. This will probably be somewhat expensive but you will keep your warranty. If you want to replace your headphone jack but save money you can go to a third party repair shop either online or physical. This will be cheaper but the quality of work may vary (check reviews first!) and you may loose the warranty for your phone.

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