How to Fix iPhone 5 Headphone Error


A Couple of days ago I was jogging in the streets of New York and suddenly my iPhone 5 Headphones stopped working. I thought my Headphones were broken but it turns out it’s my iPhones fault! Heres a tutorial on how to fix your iPhone 5 headphone errors.

Make sure your Headphone Port is Clean

If you are having issues with your Headphone Port try grabbing a fine needle or anything similar and carefully stick it into the headphone port of your iPhone 5. Try to be careful to avoid damaging your phone. If you find some dust clogging it try to get it out and you should be good to go.

Check the mute button

Turn your iPhone 5 so that the screen is facing you and check the tiny switch on the top left side of your phone. If the switch is ON (orange colour is visible) then this may most likely be causing the issue. Make  sure the switch switch is turned OFF by taking the switch and lifting it up so the orange colour isnt visible.

Disconnect Bluetooth devices

If you are connected to any sort of bluetooth device make sure that it’s turned off because it may try to route the audio through your bluetooth device that may cause your iPhone 5 Headphone error.

I. Go to ‘Settings’
II. Go to ‘Bluetooth’
III. Turn Bluetooth off

iPhone 5 headphone error collage
The iPhone 5 came for the first time in a new form factor

Restart your phone

One of your last chances to fix the iPhone 5 Headphone Error is to press the Power and the Home Button until your phone turns off. Then turn it back on and hope the issue is fixed.

Get it repaired professionally

If none of the steps above helped your iPhone is pretty much broken and cannot be fixed without the help of a special technician. To get your iPhone fixed make sure you take it to the nearest Apple Store in your area.

Elliot V. King

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