How to Fix iPhone 6 Slow Charging Issues


We all know the iPhone 6’s Battery Life is not the best of all the phones out however if your iPhone is charging slow, we can help you out with these 6 tricks to Fix iPhone 6 Slow Charging Issues Step by Step. I got many messages lately with people telling me ‘help my iPhone is charging very slow’ and ‘my iPhone is charging backward.’ Well here’s our easy to read step by step guide on how to fix that issue:

Use a high-quality charger

Most of the times when your iPhone is charging slow its because your charger is not giving sufficient power. This is most likely the case with cheap Chinese chargers or if you are charging your iPhone on a low powered USB Port (common on most windows laptops) For the best possible results use an original Apple iPad charger, it is proven that an iPad charger charges your iPhone 6 faster than the prosecution that it comes within the box. Another option would be to charge it using your MacBook or Mac computer. All Apple computers which are newer than 2012 have high output USB ports which will charge your phone in no time. Another option would be to go to Amazon and search for a “High-Speed Charger” or “2.1 USB Charger” who have an output that is 2.1 Amp’s or higher.

Turn your iPhone off while charging

Turning your iPhone off while charging dramatically increases its charging speed because your iPhone does not have any processes running in the background when its turned off. Turning your iPhone off can make the difference and speed your charging by up to 50%.

Check your Lightning cable port for dust

It is not uncommon that dust settles in your iPhone’s Lightning port and builds up which will prevent the cable to connect properly and make it charge slowly. Use the sim tray opener or a small needle and carefully clean your iPhone Lightning port.

Remove your phone case while charging

While this does not really help to charge your iPhone faster, it helps with battery life. If you leave your Phone case on your iPhone will heat up faster which has an adverse effect on battery life. Keep your phone in a cool spot while charging to reduce the risk of battery life loss and extend its lifespan.

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A good charging routine can lengthen the life of your iPhone

Don’t completely discharge your iPhone

The iPhones battery is most effective if charged by about 15 – 20%. Try not to completely drain your iPhone and you will notice that your iPhone’s battery will last longer and be more effective.

Use the original Apple Lightning cable

There is many knockoffs, and cheap Chinese Lightning cable fake is on the market who make your phone charge slowly, don’t work at all or even fry your brand new iPhone. If you are unsure if your cable is legit its highly recommended to buy a Lightning Cable from an Apple Certified seller. WATCH OUT lots of sellers on Amazon are selling FAKE Lightning cables and writing ‘original apple’ on their products. If you are unsure buy directly from Apple.

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