How to fix your iPhone’s autofocus


After the iPhone X was released people were stoked about its new shiny Camera that has been called one of the best cameras on a phone which Apple strongly pushes in its advertisements. However people have been complaining about their iPhone camera not focusing especially on close ups. After investigating that issue I have found a few simple tricks that will help you fix your iPhone camera.

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The iPhone X camera is among the top in the industry

How to fix the iPhone autofocus problem

Even though Apple has a strict quality assurance it happens that your brand new iPhone has a busted Camera right out of the box. If you are having issues with your iPhone Camera not focusing you should try the following:

Hold the camera button

If your Pictures turn out blurry and the wanted object you’re trying to take a Photo of try holding and pressing down the Camera button until the Picture is clear and then let go of the button and the picture should turn out perfect

Tap on the camera

Another solution to the problem is to tap on the Camera with your finger. This tells the distance sensor that there is an object close by and resets it. Many people have reported that pressing on the camera with the palm of your hand will fix your iPhone Camera from not focusing properly.

Restart your iPhone

It can happen that the weirdest Issues can be caused by software glitches. Simply turn off your iPhone and turn it back on should help resolve your problem in certain cases.

Check if your camera is scratched

Sometimes scratches on the surface of your iPhone will make photos look blurry, the fact that the camera of the iPhone X sticks out doesn’t help the fact that it is pretty likely that if none of the above solutions helped you fix your iPhone X camera issues that your camera is scratches. In this case you don’t have any other choice than to go to Apple and get it repaired.

Update iOS

It is common that outdated versions of iOS can cause weird issues including your iPhone Camera not working properly. Simply plug in your iPhone into your computer and go to iTunes and click ‘Check for Updates’ and update to the latest iOS Version.

Go to the Apple Store

If none of the above mentioned Solutions have helped you its pretty much time to hit the Apple Store. Make sure you find an Apple Store near you and book an appointment online so a certified Apple technician can help you fix your iPhone X Camera.

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