Best Free iCloud Unlock Buddy Alternatives to Unlock iCloud Lock

by Elliot V. King

iCloud Unlock Buddy has been a controversial Software from an unknown developer likely based in Russia. Their Software claims to remove iCloud Activation Lock from Apple iPhone and iPads and being able to remove carrier blacklists on the device. While such things are possible with Kavo Unlock and iCloud Unlock Deluxe, many users have complained about having wasted their time with the Software they’ve acquired from the iCloud Unlock Buddy Website.

How to Download iCloud Unlock Buddy

From the first glance at their website, it looks very professional and well made. Their documentation lists various iPhones from old iPhone 4s to the latest iPhone X (not the Xs, however) as being able to be unlocked with their activation lock removal solution. According to their website, the Software is syncing the data, then making a backup and then erasing the settings on the phone including iCloud information.


Alternative iCloud Unlock Freeware

As mentioned iCloud Unlock Deluxe which the developers have provided for free to readers on our blog can remove the iCloud Lock from any device. Their Software is very reliable, free and easy to use. We’ve featured a video of this Software on our YouTube channel, and you can watch it below

If you’d like to download your free copy of this software only do so at the mirror provided on our site as the developers are urging everyone to not download it from 3rd parties as their downloads usually come with unwanted or dangerous additions. You can find the official iCloud Unlock Deluxe Freeware Download here

Whats the dangers of downloading from untrusted sites?

There are various ways malicious third parties offer mirrors to these tools. Some charge money, serve you additional surveys or even infect your computer with viruses or ransomware. All these are things you do not want to happen to your computer, so it’s essential only to use trusted sites like Softpedia, MacCrunch or CNET. We at MacCrunch take our readers data safety serious and only allow trusted partners to serve downloads on our site. All Software Downloads on our website have been manually reviewed and meet guidelines for data safety by US and European Data Security Law.

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