How to fix iPhone and iPad Failure to Sync Notes to iCloud


Sync notes iPhone to iPad  – Most iPhone users have indicated that they were at one point unable to sync notes from an iPhone to an iPad. The issue occurred even after turning the iCloud settings ON. Some users noted that the Apple‘s sync process caused them to have duplicate notes.

How to fix iPhone and iPad Failure to Sync Notes to iCloud

iCloud can be fussy at times especially when a user wants to sync the notes. It is sometimes essential to try troubleshooting the problem by yourself. There are numerous things that an iPhone user can attempt to fix the failure of notes syncing appropriately across your iDevices. One of the primary solutions is to ensure that your notes are not being stored locally.

  • Go to settings, on my iPhone account notes.
  • Turning the button ON makes notes to be stored on your device locally.
  • Turn it OFF if you want to store on iCloud.
  • If it’s ON, your notes on iCloud will also not save on your iPhone.
  • Toggle OFF this setting feature to ensure smooth syncing.

How to fix iPhone and iPad Failure to Sync Notes to iCloud

Another essential feature is to ensure you are logged into the iCloud on every Apple Device. Some of your devices may not be signed into iCloud and therefore confirm that all devices are signed into the iCloud account. Signing all devices into iCloud should allow syncing with iCloud correctly.

To sign in, open settings, then iCloud on the Apple device to check if you are logged in.

For those using Mac, open system preferences and then iCloud.

Also, confirm if you are using a matching iCloud account on every device. It is advisable to use same iCloud accounts across all devices. If you are logged into a different account on one iDevice, then your notes application cannot sync with each other. ICloud is designed to store everything on one account across all iDevices and Macs.  Therefore, ensure you are using the same iCloud account on all devices and log in with the correct one if essential.


Lastly, you can try saving the note on a different device. It could be a problem with the gadget itself. Thus, try saving the note on a different iCloud device and check if it syncs. If it works, ensure to restore the device that has a problem. On the other hand, if it does not work, then iCloud might be having the issue.

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